A Few Things

Because I am the queen of complaining, kids went back to school yesterday and it felt lonely. I can just never be satisfied.

My mom had knee surgery yesterday, and all went well. Now here's hoping for a swift recovery.

My kids have been singing the Frozen soundtrack non.stop. (see page below) I have to admit that it is quite catchy!

Anyone else find it very difficult to drink their daily alottment of water, eat cold salads, or replace meals with smoothies when it's freezing outside? I can hardly stand to do it. So I haven't been, but that's not really good.

I have developed the habit of an afternoon cup of coffee over the break. Every day, I tell myself "just until the break is over." Well, now that the break lasted 20 days, a new habit has been formed. And before all you kind people tell me that it's okay, remember (1) I have trouble sleeping, (2) I put sugar or maple syrup (some kind of sweetener) in my coffee, and (3) I've been using leftover heavy cream instead of half and half. 

When Camden woke up to no snow on Monday morning (after the enormous hype from our weather forecasters for days), his first words were "Daddy, I'm never going to hope for snow again."

I see Dr. C, my oncologist Tuesday. I have been so calm, so not worried . . . until the last couple of days. Anxiety has hit pretty hard. Psalm 16:8 has come across my path several times in the last few days, not by coincidence I'm sure. "I have set the Lord always before me;because he is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken."

I started reading Unbroken a couple of days ago after Becky couldn't put it down over her Christmas holiday. And while I can see how it is fascinating, it is also SUPER depressing with all the deaths, WWII, etc. I've decided I'm not sure I'm in the right frame of mind for reading this kind of book. I need light, fluffy, chick lit.

Memory keeping has been a very good source of distraction. I'm grateful for a fun hobby, not to mention memories that are worth documenting.

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This one is WAY outside my comfort zone, but the challenge was this specific blending photo technique. It took me hours to feel like I got it right, and now it just looks like a crazy floating Brian head. Credits here.



Amy said…
Praying about your appointment!
Switch to decaf and enjoy all you want!
I've been thinking about your appointment… you know I'll be ramping up the prayers and positive thoughts this week!

As for the water, I drink warm with a little honey mixed in. It's the only way I can get my allotment during the winter! And I do herbal tea after two… not as fulfilling as coffee… but…

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