If you have a tonsil/adenoid removal scheduled in 24 hours, don't read this blog post. Just FYI. I am sufficiently terrified.

Okay, on to the proof part.

Camden has a thing for red these days. In particular, this one red striped school shirt. Last week, he wore it on Tuesday. Then he came down in it again on Thursday, and because I'm super on top of this kind of thing (ha!), I thought it looked familiar but when he told me he hadn't worn it yet that week I believed him. I mean, he wears it every week as soon as it's washed, not to mention the other 2 similar red shirts that he also wears every week so it's not like it totally stood out to me.

UNTIL I uploaded pictures from my camera and found the pictures below (from Tuesday) and the hot chocolate pictures . . . from Thursday.

And since I do laundry on Mondays and I know what my boy does with his clothes when he takes them off, this means that on Thursday he wore a shirt that had spent the last 48 hours at the bottom of his closet.

I'm sure this is only the beginning of his wearing dirty clothes to school.

Seriously, when did this kid get so big? He drives me a little nuts sometimes, and I feel like I don't know the best way to parent him alot of the time. But then I look at moments like this, and I think, he's still just my baby.

And this one is completely blurry, and I just don't care.


You weren't kidding about that horror story link! But, let me say, I had Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty surgery as an adult (which included adenoid and tonsil removal) and my experience was nothing like the one in the link. So, it may not be the norm at all. Praying for you to experience little pain and discomfort and major calm and peace!
Grandma Elledge said…
Yes, peace, as your friend, Nettie said. We just prayed for exactly that moments ago. The Lord's got you covered!
And about the shirt thing--one of your uncles, name withheld, and perhaps your mom may not remember this, but he washed his favorite pair of jeans each night so he could wear them every day, to high school! All, unnoticed by me.
Where was I? Maybe checking out your mom's wardrobe, being the only girl among three brothers. lol Life! It's fun looking back!
Becky said…
That is funny. I was horrified this week to hear William tell me that after showering at night, he usually justs puts the underwear and socks (that he wore that day) back on. Boys!!!
Love you and praying for you tomorrow.

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