Project Life 2014

This year's cover page


Week 1

I chose the cloth Sunshine binder by Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess, and Becky and I decided to split the Sunshine core kit. A genius move if I do say so myself because neither of us could resist all the pretty paper goodies, but will never in a hundred years use all those journaling cards!


Breaking news (Becky!). Just found this set of washi tape that is made to coordinate with the Sunshine kit. Finding this pretty hard to resist!

I finished out 2013 strong. Well, I actually have yet to fit all the Christmas pics into a spread, but other than that I'm calling it done. Weeks 40ish - 47ish were pretty rough, but I'm happy with the memories that are documented and am continuing it for 2014. I've also decided if it's not making me happy, then I don't have to do it. Scrapping should be fun, not stressful.


Sarah Taylor said…
My Goodness!!! Loving the photos in front of the graffiti wall!!! Did someone take them for you or did your use a timer?

I understand the anxiety you talked about in yesterday's post. I get it too in the days before an oncology visit. You're not alone in it. Saying a quick prayer for you now.

Much Love :o)
Amy said…
Okay, I am a little confused. Are you doing the paper or digital version of PL? Splitting the cards made it sound like paper. And what's the tape for? I'm such a newbie. I can't even decide on what kit I want to use. And it's already January 10!! Of course, I have had a few other things on my mind. :)
tinetinesmom said…
Melissa, thanks for sharing this post. I would like to start this but I am confused. Do you do your project life in paper form or digital. Your pictures of the pages in your book look like they are done digitally I need help! Also, I don't see the album you purchased.
Beth said…
Love your cover page! I am using the Sunshine kit too this year. Went with paper since my computer is wearing down. Love the happy colors.
LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Gaugh! You are making me re-think my plan!!! ;-)

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