Just a few things on this Monday morning.

1. A certain 8 year old boy in this house had a fabulous time with his friends Friday night. And his parents survived their first sleep-over. Brian and I both crashed, and I'm guessing the boys did too since we didn't hear anything.


2. Rory's soccer team won its first game in 2 seasons Saturday. And, of course, it would be the day I decided there was no need to drag my camera around. They were so cute with their newly found confidence.

3. Our family made a pretty big life decision this weekend. Maybe I'll tell you about it soon.

4. A friend and her cutie pie baby girl are coming over to help pack today. I better decide quick what we're actually going to pack.

5. I call this a hot mess. Brian calls it progress.



Renee T. said…
Camden looks so happy in the picture with his friends! Yay for Rory's soccer team!
Joy said…
1. Extremely jealous you have actually packed boxes. Still waiting for boxes from moving company and something tells me our head start will turn into last minute marathon packing.

2. Life decision?!? Can we have a clue? Now we'll all be wondering!!
Amy said…
Those are some handsome little men! I would call that a hot mess too and it would be driving me crazy which I am sure it is you too! Hope you get lots done today. Life decision? Can't wait to hear!
Monica said…
Are you adopting again? :) And I agree with Brian...looks like progress!
Amanda said…
My son looks real thrilled to be getting his picture made LOL!! He had such a good time. Thanks again for inviting him.

You can not leave us hanging on #3. I am going to be on pins and needles until you reveal.

Thanks for sending me the picture. I am going to have to scrap it soon.
Life decision?!?! Oh I am so curious!!!
Life decision??? I have a guess--are you going to homeschool????
LOL look at all of us... you guys make a HUGE LIFE DECISION and all of us don't want to be left hanging! But seriously we don't... do share when you are ready! Homeschooling for a while when you move?? Moving without Brian having a job? Hmm shall we keep guessing! I am extended and hopeful that you will continue to blog and let us all be a part of your newest "adventure"!

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