Addison's photoshoot

Mom and Elizabeth came over Monday with Addison, and we attempted some official newborn pictures. I don't really have proper equipment to take newborn photos so I spent lots of time crouching in front of the doorway trying to take advantage of the natural light. Mom and Elizabeth kept busy switching out baskets and props as I tried to get arrange Addison in the right direction. She was a trooper and didn't seem to mind all the jostling around. I have several more to share, but they've been waiting long enough so here are the few that are ready.

She was very smiley in her sleep.



This one is my favorite.

This one is especially for Elizabeth - they took a picture of Addison with a dollar bill in the hospital as well.



This hat that's as big as her head cracks me up.

Pretty darn cute, right?


Joyce said…
Wonderful, sweet, adorable!!
I love all of the pictures but especially the one with the teddy bear. Good job Melissa.
Krista said…
oh wow - she is so beautiful! and teeny! I forget how small babies are - mine was 21lbs when I met him!
Amy said…
Oh my!! She is so precious and beautiful! She's bringing back that ache for a newborn in me...stop it!! :)
Kelly said…
Adorable! I love the one of her looking at your mom!!
I had a feeling the rose would be *bigger* than her head!!!!!
Renee T. said…
She is such a beauty :)
Beth B. said…
She's beautiful, Melissa! And these pictures of her are gorgeous! I can't get over how tiny she is!! I especially like the one by the teddy bear too.
Mayme said…
joelsgirl said…
LOVE these photos, especially that adorable teddy bear photo and the one with the hat. So cute!
Joanna B said…
SUPER cute! Great pictures, too!
These are amazing shots! Amazing!!! You make me want to go find the nearest newborn and play. ;-)
Kathy Reger said…
What an itty, bitty, little love! So precious! And so photogenic! She definitely fits right in with your family:)
Incredibly adorable! I can't believe how tiny she still is!

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