Tuesday's Tidbits

Several weeks ago Rory told me that she could not wait to be a grown up so she could drive, work on the computer, eat snacks after bedtime, boss her kids around all day. Yep, that's pretty much what adults do.

I think I forgot to mention when I got my first haircut a couple of weeks ago that Alicia told me my hair has a definitely curl pattern that was not there before. I totally look like my dad's head from the back view. :) The more it grows, the harder it is to control.

Because I don't want to forget this part: After we got the call from the nurse Friday afternoon that my CA125 was 14 (still having trouble believing it), we went back to chopping vegetables and making supper. After a few minutes, my mom stopped and said, "I can't believe we're chopping vegetables as if nothing just happened."

Just in case you're wondering, Trader Joe's Spicy Hot Cocoa lives up to the Spicy in it's name.

I'm so glad that I actually paid money for winter coats for Camden and Rory this year considering they've worn them an exact total of one time. Where is our winter? I know all of you who live in wintery states think I'm crazy for not being happy with 60 degrees in December, January, and February, but I like seasonal changes. And Brian desperately wants a snow day.

Actually, we have real frost on the ground today. Hence, the Spicy Hot Cocoa comment. And I better drink it fast because it's going to be in the upper 50's today.

I determined in my mind this morning that I was going to scrap today even if I got nothing else done. Well, it's 9:34, and I have gotten several things done, but none of them are scrapping. Here's hoping the rest of the day goes a little more like I planned.

I'd appreciate it if you all could say an extra prayer or two for Brian. He is having an extremely tough time at school this year, and it seems each day is worse than the last. I absolutely hate seeing him so stressed.

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Joy said…
Save the coats for me!! : )

Your mom's comment had me laughing out loud. I think we have ALL celebrated with you after that phone call! Whoo hoo!

Tell Rory she can be a stay-home mom because all we do is "watch TV and stay on Facebook all day". Uh huh.

Hope things get better for Brian. Will be praying for a snow day(s) for you guys so he can get some time off.
I love that your mom was there to share that moment. Her comment was hilarious! Rory has got adults all figured out it seems. I will be praying especially for Brian this week.
Oh, your mom's comment cracked me up! I'm kind of surprised you returned to chopping veggies too! I'm sending some positive thoughts and prayers to Brian. I can't even imagine how hard it must be to have a job that just stresses you out and makes you miserable!
rough kids or rough parents for Brian? Sucks when works isn't "fun"! Saying a prayer tonight that things start looking up for Brian!!
Amy said…
I'm sorry Brian is having such a rough year. I know how that feels and can sympathize with him. Praying things will get better and that he'll have some much needed snow days!

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