I always feel as if the balance is tipped in Rory's favor when it comes to the number of pictures I take, so here are a few of Camden from yesterday.


This boy sure loves this cat. If he's not digging in the dirt or playing football on the trampoline with Rory, then he's probably camped out either on the front steps or on the trampoline cuddling with Frenchie.

The two of them spend a whole lot of time on this trampoline although from the looks of it, they're on the wrong side of the net.



No idea exactly what he was doing here, but fairly certain it had to do with The Force.

This sweet look right here is one I'm going to miss cause I see it less and less the older and more ornery he gets. ;)


Renee T. said…
Cute pics of Camden :)

Vicky said…
I completely love how well you capture people. I feel like I see Camden and know him without ever having laid eyes on him. And is it wrong that I want to come jump on your trampoline and play with your kids? Part of that is because we are getting 12 inches of snow tonight... so trampoline weather is pretty inviting :)
These are such wonderful photos of Camden! He looks so much older all of the sudden. :-/ Do you think you could convince him to do a "real" photo shoot?! I need more Camden photos!
Krista said…
What a sweet looking boy.

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