What I Miss About Chemo

Not gonna lie. There is one thing I miss about chemo. (Actually, now that I think about it, there are two things. On the Wednesday/Thursday after chemo, my in-laws would take Camden and Rory and they would spend the night with them Wednesday and then keep both kids all day Thursday until after school time, which gave me 24 blissful quiet hours. Now, I might have been sick as a dog, but they were quiet, blissful, sick as a dog hours. Yes, I realize admitting that just made me lose Mother of the Year award.)

But that's not the part of chemo I was actually planning to mention. Shortly after I was diagnosed a friend sent us money to pay someone to clean the house while I was going through chemo. We were lucky enough to find someone locally who was sweet and very inexpensive so from June - January, she came every 2-3 weeks and left after 3 hours with my house clean from top to bottom. As any mother can relate, having the whole house clean at one time was a huge blessing. And one I am missing desperately. :)

I have felt wonderful this week. Honestly, just the best I've felt physically since my diagnosis and surgery last March. My energy level has been good. I'm not beat at the end of the day. I haven't needed pain pills for scar tissue or my back, etc. I took a walk yesterday and made it up the big hill without even being winded. But cleaning the house yesterday just about did me in.

And a couple of pictures.

Brian and Camden made this camo tent (Brian's request) with a red glitter heart (Camden's request) for Camden's Valentine's Day party at school.

My flowers from Brian - I thought this rose was so pretty.

I just love Starbucks. And it's even better when it comes in a pretty cup. My drink of choice is a non-fat salted caramel mocha with no whip (unless it's a bad day, and then there is definitely whip).
DSC_4425 copy

And from a couple of weeks ago. Yes, I realize I take pictures from this angle up on top of the deck alot. But they're usually happy when they're playing down in the driveway, and it's easy to coax them into looking up.

And cropped and in b/w, which I kind of love.
DSC_4088 copy 2

Rory and I are off for a playdate with Joy and Sumner. I am desperate for some adult conversation, and Rory is desperate for someone besides her mama to talk to. And since I already lost the Mother of the Year Award, I'll just say I am desperate for Rory to talk to someone else.

Not to mention I actually just told her that I wasn't accepting questions right now. 


Karen said…
Have a fun playdate!! We don't have cleaners any more either (did while I was traveling) and I miss it desperately! We have the same Starbucks drink of choice, too... Makes me want to send someone out to get me one. I'm sure my recovery would go MUCH faster with a salted caramel mocha to move things along. ;-)
Beth B. said…
I love love LOVE your honesty!! I'm pretty sure that the way my week has gone with my kids, I wouldn't receive any award either. :)
Monica said…
Oh Melissa, you make me laugh! There are very few women in this world who enjoy housework. It is truly the bane of life! And I've heard other Moms require their daughters to play "the silent game" where they cannot talk AT ALL for 10 minutes, or limit them to 5 questions an hour. Enjoy your playdate!
Lori! said…
I love love LOVE the bokeh (sp?) on your flower picture!! And I'm a salted carmel mocha lover too!
Oh man, I love this post. And all the honesty! Spencer talks NONSTOP these days and I've actually resulted to putting headphones on a couple of times to block some of the chatter. :-)
Yeah, I can relate. Maybe we can just lock Isaac and Rory in a room together and let them talk each other to death!
Krista said…
Salted carmel mocha? Must try!
I can't imagine my life without the cleaning lady... a must for everyone I think. Cleaning ladies even deserve cleaning ladies.

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