So I clearly jinxed myself last week when I declared myself as healthy because those words had no sooner left my mouth than my stupid abscess (as I like to affectionately call it) made a re-appearance. It certainly puts a damper on exercise and life in general because it is located right at my waist line next to my belly button so it basically hurts to move. Normal activities like sitting, standing, bending over all irritate it, and I'm kind of permanently stuck in pajama pants. I was even desperate enough to attempt maternity jeans a couple of weeks ago when it became clear that wearing regular jeans for any length of time results in pain/swelling/bursting. TMI? I decided I wasn't desperate to actually wear them. Anyway, all that to say that we've got nothin' much going on around here. And I'm not complaining. Because anything that is not cancer is A-okay with me. Just annoying.

Since I missed church last night because (1) I can't get out of pajamas and (2) it hurts to move, I volunteered to hold non-stop babysit Addison so Michael and Liz could go (her feeding time is right during church). She was my own personal body bean, and holding a baby is so good for the soul.

Look at the wide-open eyes! Even though it had been less than 72 hours since the last time I got to hold and feed her, she seems bigger and stronger. Rory had a major breakdown yesterday afternoon as it somehow dawned on her that moving to Texas = not seeing Addison or Michael and Liz on a regular basis. Liz and I have decided that not thinking about it is the best way to handle things right now. I've never been happier to have them living 7 minutes away.
DSC_4906 bw

On that note, Rory and I are off to color parrots and catch up on last night's American Idol.

Happy Thursday!


Mayme said…
What a serious little look! I think she just realized that Rory isn't going to be around all the time too.
Joyce said…
Sweet, sweet, SWEET.....
Monica said…
Babysitting...what wonderful medicine! How is Camden doing with the news that the TX move is back on the table? Praying for all of you, but especially him!
Poor Rory. I will be praying extra hard for her and Camden when you make the move. God will provide special friends and new "family" for you, I'm sure.

And, for the record, if you FEEL like going to church, by all means go in your pajama pants. If anyone doesn't like it, refer them to me please and thank you.
Vicky said…
Okay, you and I rubbing off on each other... as I watch my wound burst open again with the new chemo... yes, annoyance is right. Nothing replenishes and restores a soul like the sound and smell of a new baby. She is simply precious.
Krista said…
Feel Better Girl!
And oh my goodness... that picture...
Such an awesome photo...

And, I tend to forget how different TX is going to be for you all... Poor Rory (and Camden)!

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