2012 Project 365

While I may be keeping up with Project 365, I have to say that it's February 25, and I'm already behind in my goal of scrapping the year as I go. Maybe one of these days I can lock the kids in their rooms for the day and have a scrapping marathon. 

So kidding. 





2012_feb7_15-21 web


Lisa S. said…
I took my daughter Hayden, 6 to see this movie last weekend and we both loved it too : ) hope you are having a great weekend this weekend...love your PL pages. I have yet to really make progress but it's on my list !!!
Krista said…
I know I've said it before, but your scrapping (and your photos) are so inspiring!
I would not be kidding if I said that. ;-) Awesome pages... I just realized tomorrow is the end of the month and I'm two weeks behind. EEK!

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