Measure Me, Mama

I'm far enough behind in blogging that I feel like I don't know where to pick up. Prepare for a long post with too many pictures soon.

Camden and Rory's current favorite thing is to measure themselves. They've both grown so much the past several months, and they like nothing better than to show off. Do you see how big this boy is? He keeps asking me if I've gotten smaller, but the truth is - he's growing much too fast! The other day Brian told Camden to get off the stool so he could fix his hair . . . . except Camden wasn't on a stool!


We took these Friday while I was still on a steroid high and chemo side effects hadn't hit quite yet. It's the first time I've worn a hat, and I felt much more conspicuous in a hat than a scarf, but all the nurses and office staff seemed to like it so maybe I'll wear it more often.


Elizabeth Frick said…
I *love* the jaunty hat! :)
You are going to have one TALL boy, mama.
Louise said…
You compliment any thing you wear! Your beauty shines like a star that you are. With or without a hat-or scarf. God is blessing you.
KrisJ said…
I am a hat girl.. I LOVE my hats.. looks like you are too!
Thumbs up on the hat!
Anonymous said…
You can definitely pull off the hat look!
Melissa said…
My kids are on a measuring kick too ... and then they follow up with "why didn't you ever grow, Mommy?" Ha!

I love the hat -- you look gorgeous!
Amy said…
Love these pictures and love that hat, too!! You look beautiful!!
Amanda said…
I love the hat! Definitely wear it again. I would wear them all the time if I could. I have big floppy ones and little floppy ones etc...
This makes me excited for when Spencer is Camden's age! Spencer just had a growth spurt too (I think) and he keeps asking if he "grew again today"...

And I LOVE the hat. LOVE.

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