Not again!

Sooooo, what are the odds that a certain someone would have the stomach bug two Saturday nights/Sunday mornings in a row? I am clearly being punished for saying that being sick was almost worth the alone time. Because it is not worth it two weekends in a row. And it is not worth the weekend I spent cleaning because our small group was supposed to meet here tonight, but now can't because of germs. And it wasn't worth the hours I spent practicing my song for church today. And it wasn't worth being up until 3:00 this morning. Nope, I'm completely rescinding my statement about a few hours alone being worth the sickies.

Shabby Miss Jenn: Autumn Flea Market


Elizabeth Frick said…
Oh noooooo! Get better soon.
Oh no!! Hope you're feeling better SOON!
Joy said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joy said…
Ugh! Hope you are feeling better! (sorry - spelled the first comment wrong - LOL!)
Amanda said…
I hope you feel better soon!

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