Today's Agenda

Rory and I spent some time yesterday with my friend Amanda and her little girl Emma. We mostly stayed on the floor with photography books and camera manuals spread out around us taking pictures of toys while we worked on settings. :) It was lots of fun to talk with someone as crazy about camera and taking pictures of their cute kiddos as I am. She got a really cute picture of the two girls that I can hopefully snag from her and post.

On today's agenda is :(1) Get rid of some clutter starting with our bedroom. I'm determined to get rid of the piles of clothing and anything that hasn't been worn in the last 12 months is out the door. (2) Spend a little extra time "cuddling on the couch wis me" for Rory. With all the playdates, she's been acting like she's missing out on the mommy and me time. (3) Make nice with the treadmill for the first time this week.

Gina Miller: Snapshots


Amanda said…
LOVE the layout! I had so much fun too. Maybe we could start picking one thing each time to work on until we get this all down. I will burn those pics and the ones of Camden on a disk today and maybe I will see you in carpool line.

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