Shooting in Manual

Thanks to Amanda (who helped out ALOT with settings), I was able to shoot my first decent photos in full manual mode. Hopefully I can remember everything she showed me and duplicate it soon.

Straight from the camera - no editing!

Another straight from the camera

And then I had fun with actions thanks to 4 Hens Photography!

Banana Cream Pie

Cream Puff


Are you Rory'ed out yet?


Amanda said…
You go girl! Those are gorgeous!! I don't feel like I showed you anything though, except how to be confused LOL! You got some great shots of her today. You have a great eye and such an adorable little subject to photo. I had so much fun today. We will have to do it again soon!
Elizabeth Frick said…
She's right - they're gorgeous!!! It probably helps having such a willing and adorable model :)
Rory seems to enjoy your sessions!
well I always think your photos look great.... now too bad we don't have the same camera so you could give me pointers!

Keep up the great photographs!
Kelly said…
Gorgeous, as always!

Sent your package off today!!
KrisJ said…
YEAH Good job! My favorite is shooting from Aperture mode, I should work more on my M settings. And NEVER Rory'd out!!
I can *never* have too much Rory!! Or Camden for that matter...

Go you shooting on M mode! My subject doesn't seem to sit still enough for that yet. So Aperture mode it tends to be... Sigh.
Joy said…
Awesome, Melissa - way to go!! You might have to share your secrets! : ). Beautiful pictures!

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