Chicken Pot Pie

I made the best supper last night - chicken pot pie from Pioneer Woman's cookbook. Since I am mostly incompetent in the kitchen, I am quite proud of the fact that I made homemade chicken pot pie including homemade crust. It was seriously good and will definitely make the menu list again.

My friend Angel and her little boy Mason came over this morning to play and Rory spent the whole time begging to color instead of playing. She's feeling a bit cantankerous and it showed! Our weekend is supposed to be pretty uneventful, although poor Brian has a lock-in with the teens tonight (thank heavens I can use the kids as an excuse to not attend!). Tomorrow I'll probably take the kids out of the house so he can catch up on a bit of sleep.

Here are a few random things from this week:
  • I was chopping carrots in the kitchen while Camden and Rory colored in the computer room, and I heard Camden say, "Mommy, could you be any louder?" Yep, he's heard that one before.
  • Rory's new thing is running to tell me everything she hears on TV. Usually it's words like, "Moooommmy, she just said January" (yes, I heard that this week). Yesterday, she went around the house giggling and saying, "Don't get mad, get gas."
  • The kids love scrambling around the house in their super hero capes and Camden has decided that they need names. His newest name for himself was Death Man, but we decided that was a touch too dramatic so he changed it to Skull Man. Rory's is Heart Girl (because she was wearing a dress with hearts yesterday). Of course, she can't quite say her r's and ran around the house calling herself "Hot Girl."
  • Camden's class is having a canned food drive and this morning as I got his bag ready, he said very seriously, "now don't forget - the cans have to actually have food in them."
  • Rory scrapped her knees (and I use scrape lightly since that's quite an exaggeration) Wednesday night at church and she wasted no time telling anyone and everyone who would listen about who pushed her down, etc.She has continued with her pity party and asks us constantly to pray about it.
It was (relatively) nice outside yesterday so I let the kids play for just a bit when we got home from school. I think they enjoyed themselves.


Kelly said…
Do tell how you get your pictures to be so large and such high quality in your new format!!!!!! I really want to switch my blog up a bit and I LOVE your new layout (hope you don't mind me 'stealing' it!!!)!!
Joy said…
LOVE the first pic of Camden! Great picture of such a handsome guy!
"Hot Girl" - HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Both kiddos are so amazingly cute in these photos! Love it.

I've been ogling that cookbook at the store... sigh... now I really want it.

And lastly - brilliant idea to put insulation on those nasty swing cords!
Elizabeth Frick said…
The photos are fabulous! And "hot girl". That's the superhero I want saving me someday. Too funny.
And please tell Rory I'll be praying for her scrape.
Kelly I thought the same thing about her blog... hmmm I like it!

HOT GIRL...wait 10 more years and boys will be saying that!

and I think you've got the hang of your new camera! So jealous now!

they look like they are having soo much fun!

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