A New Look

Well, I spent much of yesterday working on revising the blog (thanks to Amanda for all her many emails and phone calls!). The background and colors are from this collab by Paislee Press and Amy Martin. I had the opportunity to work with designs from Paislee Press through The Daily Digi, and I have to admit that I really liked the minimalistic approach a bit more than I expected to!

Paislee Press/Amy Martin: A Midwinter's Dream

Digi Files #11

By the way, I'm going to be changing my comment section to no longer allow anonymous comments. I'd feel better if I at least knew the names of those commenting. :) I'm still working on getting my links back, but they will be located at the bottom of the blog instead of the side.


Love the new look!!

And I love these layouts... of course!

I can't believe how long Rory's hair looks in that first one...
Amanda said…
Love it, Melissa! It looks great! Your pages are beautiful also! I have really started leaning more to the simple and clean look also but when I do one of those kind of layouts it always takes me twice as long LOL.
Angie said…
Love the new look! The layouts are great! Love the simplicity of them!!
Elizabeth Frick said…
It's gorgeous! i love the subdued colors and the design.
Amy said…
It looks great!
kiwicpk said…
looks fab the new layout!
Paula said…
Love it love it love it! It looks very crisp and the large photos are so neat!

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