Happy Meal

Brian and I spent yesterday running errands, making phone calls, catching up on lessons plans (that would be Brian), etc. - basically everything that we'd procrastinated on for 2 weeks! While we were out, we decided to treat Rory to a Happy Meal since she'd been so patient as we carted her around. She was so cute and excited about her "Doccah Peppah" (which we NEVER let her have) and her cheeseburger. It was fun for us to spend some one-on-one time with her and I am pretty sure she enjoyed the extra attention (and we remembered how much easier taking out one child is!).

I took Rory to gymnastics last night and she had so much fun. There are usually 4-5 kids in her class, which makes for a very frantic rush around the gym to get everything in. Last night there were only 2 girls, and the extra attention from the coach and extra time at the different activities was good for her. She did a skin the cat on the bars completely by herself and made it twice down the big balance beam without any help at all from me.

Camden had a good first day back at school and was excited to go again today. He was mostly excited that Brian was able to take him and pick him up from school yesterday for the very first time this year.

Today everything is back to normal. Brian was out the door at 5:30 and is probably dealing with crazy 4th graders at this very moment. I had every intention of jumping back on the treadmill this morning, but after very little sleep, up at 5:30, a very early morning for Rory, arguing siblings, piles of laundry looming in front of me as well as a trip to the dentist for both kids, I'm officially putting it off until tomorrow.


How cute is she in her hat!? Love her expression... she really is in heaven!
Elizabeth Frick said…
I don't want to hear any of this "one kid is so much easier" business. Don't scare me!!!
Melissa said…
Oh, Elizabeth, you have no idea! LOL I think it's because the first one is so easy that it makes you think you (we) can handle more. I have great kids, but we were a bit shell-shocked after Rory came home. :) I asked my mom why no one told me how much more work 2 kids were, and she replied, "I assumed you'd figure it out on your own."

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