Rory's new gig

When Kelly emailed me about 2 weeks ago and asked if I could take some pictures of Rory modeling hair accessories for her Etsy shop, I was so excited and thought how fun it would be! I may have overestimated the fun in having a 3 year old change clothes 6 times while plopping her down in front of the teeny patch of natural light we have in our house to take 100's of pictures in the hopes that 1 from each outfit would turn out cute enough to put on a public website. :) I think they mostly turned out cute, and we just LOVE the hats and head bands. Definitely check out Briar Claire - they have great designs, and I think their prices are SO reasonable (and you'll see cute pics of Rory). Oh, and it's a sale this week too! Thanks for letting us help out, Kelly!

Camden is having a rough week. He is extra energetic for whatever reason (possibly because of the extremely dreary weather conditions we've had for over a week now) and is having difficulty making good choices. In fact, he's had not one, not two, but THREE yellow bears at school this week. This is extremely rare for him (getting in trouble at school, not the being energetic part). He typically goes weeks and weeks (sometimes months) between yellow bears and he has certainly never had 3 in a row. The first two days he didn't really take it seriously (despite his punishments), but yesterday he was quite brokenhearted and told us that he "kept the goodness in his his head all day long" and just forgot for one second right before school was over and got in trouble. Hopefully he'll have a better day today.

Shabby Miss Jenn: Happy New Year


Joy said…
Yeah Rory! Saw the pictures - they look great! Does Kelly need a model to show the bows will stay in "no hair"? : ).

This weather is tough on kids, especially boys. Not being able to go out and run off all that energy makes it hard. Maybe Camden will get some snow to play in!
That photo of Camden juxtaposed with that story is kind of funny since I just can't see that boy causing *any* trouble!!!

Off to briar.claire now to look for your cutie. Don't you think they should do BOY hats too?! (I say this since I know Kelly will probably comment too...)
M :-) said…
Awww, there must be something in the air because Noah got in trouble at school yesterday too. He never gets in trouble! Apparently he was being loud at the end of the day and wouldn't listen. :( I'm praying today is a better day for both of our little guys!
Elizabeth Frick said…
Rory! Lookin' fab! Total professional, that girl.

And poor Camden. Sometimes, we all have bad weeks, buddy.
Krista said…
I wish we had a little girl so I could spoil her with all those briar.claire products! Rory looks awesome! I agree with Christine - boy products need to be their next line.
As for Camden... there is a full moon this week...

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