Happy New Year!

We had a lovely (a.k.a. quiet) New Year's Eve. The kids and I stayed in our p.j.'s most of the day, which is always good. After naptime, we finally made our annual after-Christmas Target run to pick up some Christmas goodies at 75% off. We also hit up Lifeway and picked up some books, study tools, etc. for Brian's youth group as well as a 365 day Bible. Brian wanted to get the 90-day Bible, but I was the voice of reason and persuaded him that the 365 plan was better for us. I've read through the Bible several times, but am excited to start again. We ended the day with pizza and a movie with the kids. I stayed up until well after midnight (my sleep cycle is way off since we've been off schedule) and watched the enormous guitar drop in Nashville (yes, we have a guitar instead of a ball for Music City).

Speaking of 365, I've also decided to do Project 365 (which is a picture a day plus scrapping it). Actually, I'm doing more of a Project 52 - taking a picture a day, but then just scrapping them a week at a time (thanks, Amanda, for the template suggestion). I wanted to do it last year, but thought it would be pretty much impossible, and I don't hold out high hopes for this year, but I'm going to attempt it anyway. How bad is it I'm setting myself up for failure before I even get started?

Just a few funny things from Camden and Rory this holiday season:

  • "Trips are just so busy" from Camden after we asked him to turn the volume down on the DVD player on the way to Illinois.
  • Rory got a Dora stool from my brother for Christmas, and the girl has carried that thing everywhere. She's even got a new pose while she sits on the potty - she crosses her leg with her feet propped up on the stool.
  • We bought William and Xavier nerf guns for Christmas and it was seriously a war zone between the 3 boys.
  • Rory's favorite new thing is to close her yes when you walk in the room and then yell, "Ta-Prise!"
  • "Is Jesus going to be there?" from Rory on our way to the Christmas Eve service.
  • "I've been thinking about my bed ALL day long" from Camden when we said it was time for bed the day we arrived home.
  • Rory tells me she loves me ALL the time at any available moment. Like while I'm checking out at Target or on the phone or in the bathroom (she'll sit outside the door until I finish yelling it at me).
  • After Rory got knocked down in McDonald's playland and had a bloody nose (anyone remember The Poem?", Camden was so sweet with her and wouldn't leave her side. It was nice to see his big brother protective side.
  • At the end of Christmas Day, we had just finished cleaning up after our big dinner and it was almost bedtime for the kids. They were wanting to start a movie and we'd said no and Camden came and asked "well, what can we do?" I jokingly said, get in a circle and say nice things about each other (this is a joke between Brian and I). The adults all laughed and then I changed it to sitting in a circle and talking about the best part of your day (which is something we do every day at the dinner table). Camden quickly became the boss and commandeered the 3 younger kids and they all sat in the living room in a circle. The adults quickly became quiet trying to hear what they were all saying in the other room, and it was so sweet to hear their little voices talk about their day. When it got to Camden's turn, he said, "Well, the best part of my day was handing out cookies and party mix at the nursing home because that's what Christmas is all about." It's what we concentrated on this entire season. We didn't do many gifts for the kids; we made sure they were in on the process of gifts for everyone else; we didn't make Christmas lists for ourselves (in fact, they didn't ask for one single thing); we concentrated on doing things for others, and it was so rewarding to know that he really was paying attention. Just might be my favorite parenting moment ever.
By the way, you'll not find a year in review here because I've decided to ignore 2009. While it held lots of sweet moments with the kids and our families that I have documented ad nauseum here with pictures and scrapbook pages that I have thrown in your face every day, it was a pretty frustrating year for Brian and I in our adult life (not in our marriage, by the way), and I'm trying to just move on and not worry about what 2010 holds.

Zoe Pearn: Chasing Rainbows
Darcy Baldwin: Inspired by Jaclyn template (available 1/2 at SSD)


Great tidbits as always!! Love it. The always make me giggle, and I can use all the giggles I can get...

Can't wait to follow your 365/52 project!
KrisJ said…
Excited for your 365!! Heres to an awesome New Year!!

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