We were lucky enough to escape ice, but we did end up with about 4 inches of snow overnight (which is more snow than Tennessee has seen in several years). Camden and Rory both have coughs (or coughses as Rory calls them) and it's very cold outside so we decided they better not play outside and made Snow Cream instead with fresh snow (at 9:00 a.m. for some reason).

Yes, she's in charge of her own hair this morning

Brain freeze!

Brian got all domestic on me and made coffee 'n cream cookies (seriously good!)

We (a.k.a. Brian) decided we should make snowmen out of clay since we couldn't make real ones.

And then we gave in and took them outside for just a few minutes and hopefully the coughs won't be worse.

Brian did all the work pulling the kids around on the sled (video coming soon)


Elizabeth Frick said…
What fabulous photos! Tell Rory I love her hair - very vintage Hollywood. And "coughses?" Too cute.
Me want cookies...
Amanda said…
The pictures are fabulous! Looks like ya'll had a great day!
Sounds like a fun day!

So are you loving the new camera? The photos are stunning! Are you shooting in manual or automatic?
Becky said…
so sweet, Melissa!! Your pictures are great and I am going to have to try those cookies. Of course, now, my boys want to make those little clay snowmen, very crafty! :)
Andrea said…
Your pictures are amazing! Maybe we can get together soon for a mentoring session?
Amazing photos! (As always) I'm cold just thinking about that weather though...
Krista said…
I Love how excited the kids seem to be about the snow - it can be so much fun!

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