Blogger experts

Okay, for all you Blogger experts, I have 2 questions.

(1) WHY are my pictures never clear on the blog even though they are perfectly clear on my computer. As soon as I post them, they lose clarity and color. I've tried saving for web and posting full size.

(2) How do you reply via email to comments? I cannot figure this one out either.

Help, please!


Amanda said…
I am no blogger expert but I think the picture quality has to do with blogger probably compressing the image. I just increased the size of my blog and made it so my pictures are bigger now and that seems to have helped for me. You can email me if you want to know about all that. It would take forever to write it here.I have no idea about the email and comments thing.
Elizabeth Frick said…
So the way I solved the crappy blogger photo posting is that I compose all of my posts in wordpress, then copy and paste into blogger. I find wordpress a much easier platform to deal with, but blogger enables me to (hopefully someday) make a little $$ through advertising.
Email... you're on gmail, right? Mine just remembers people I've written before. I just reply to the notification I receive in my email. But if you haven't written someone before, I'm not sure what you do...
Bobbi said…
Check out Rita's tutorials over at Scroll down towards the bottom, she has a whole section titled "Blogger UnWrapped: Blogger blog tips and tricks:".
Anonymous said…
You must protect your family and only give out your e-mail if you think safe. You could sit up a new e-mail with Yahoo, which is free, one possibility.
This way your box would still be personal.
KrisJ said…
I have the same questions! My word verification is pooing LOL just thought Id tell ya!
Kelly said…
No idea about the pictures, but for comments, I LOVE discus. I recently put it on our blog and it's fabulous. Your can actually reply to people's comments right under theirs, or you can log into your discus account and actually see the email address that they used to leave the comment on your blog.

LOVE, love, love the new 'test' picture of Rory!!!!!!! She's such a stinker, just like Briar, I can tell!!!!!!

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