Friday's Random List

We are enjoying another snow day (which makes for a 4-day weekend!). I'm not sure any of us made it out of our p.j.'s yesterday although I did manage to clean house (Brian did the bathrooms for me - woohoo!). Brian is off to the local coffeeshop to get some kid-free work time in and I plan to let Camden and Rory watch as many cartoons as they want. :) We might let them out to play this afternoon, but it's so cold that I don't think they'll last long.

Here are a few funny things from them both this week:
  • "Well, this was a shocking surprise" from Camden one morning after he brushed his teeth and got a bit of toothpaste in his eye.
  • "The moon is just following me everywhere" from a very indignant Rory on the way home from taking Camden to school one morning.
  • "Soooo, how do we get off of Jesus' lap in heaven?" from Camden at supper this week. This came out of nowhere and I can only guess that he saw a picture of kids in Jesus' lap??
  • Last night while watching the evening news (waiting to see if school was canceled), there was a guy being interviewed and he was kind of scruffy with long hair. Camden said, "Apparently, some men still wear their hair long like Indians." He doesn't get out much.
  • Rory very sweetly offered to let Camden pick the afternoon cartoon (this is an ongoing argument about who gets to pick) Wednesday, and I was so thrilled that she was being unselfish. Of course, when we got home and she realized that offering to let him pick meant that he was actually going to pick made for a very unhappy 3 year old. I guess she didn't quite get the concept.
  • Mothers of boys, how do you survive all the Star Wars and Wii talk? Honestly, Camden describes every single Wii game he plays in excruciating detail until I'm about to go out of my mind (only one of many reasons that he has very limited Wii time). Same with his imaginary Star Wars games and coloring pages. Have I mentioned he's never even seen Star Wars? Heaven help us all if he ever gets to watch the movies because we will NEVER hear the end of it.

This LO might win the award for cheesiest title, but I don't care. :)
Gina Miller: January BYOC


Susanne said…
OK... I gotta know... How did we get off of Jesus' lap in Heaven??? I gotta hear your answer to that one... he is wise beyond his years.
Elizabeth Frick said…
Oh Camden! You crack me up!!!
Unknown said…
oh my goodness... too cute! The layout is beautiful too
Tim Lewis said…
Just hope that his Star Wars phase doesn't last as long as Logan's. I'm starting to worry that he's going to be living in my basement in his 40's and going to sci-fi conventions!
Anonymous said…
Ellis' is constant Transformers questions! And he hasn't seen the movie either....

Karen said…
I had to laugh since I am reading this WHILE Sam is playing Lego Star Wars on the Wii. He's never seen the movie, either, yet we NEVER hear the end of it. If we ever get a break, I'll let you know that an end is in sight!
Your lists never cease to crack. me. up.

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