Need. More. Sleep.

Rory has a (fairly) new night time routine that is wearing me out. She'll wake up 2-3 times a night, call out for me, and when I go in to ask what she needs or what's the matter, not only is she wide awake, but she says "nothing." Last night was no exception, and I'm dragging this morning. At this point, it's definitely a habit and not a need, but I'm not quite sure how to handle it. In general, her sleep habits have been creeping down the tube lately. Yesterday, she didn't even take a nap despite my many threats, and it's not because she wasn't tired - she was just much too wound up from playing with Camden. I finally told her that we were going to have to skip gymnastics so she could go to bed early and that brought on the (many) tears. I would say that maybe she's just moving into a new developmental stage and doesn't need quite as much sleep (and that might still be the case), but considering her behavior when she doesn't get sleep, I don't know if that's quite right.

Today Rory and I are headed over to play with Mayme and Emma. I'm sure the girls will have a great time, and I'm going to try to give Mayme some scrapping/Photoshop tips. I've already downed a cup of coffee so I'll be coherent.

By the way, did I mention I have a new CT? I LOVE Shabby Miss Jenn designs and was so happy when she asked me to be on her team. This is my first page for her using her new kit: Too Sweet.


Amanda said…
Just checking to see if we are still on for tomorrow. Just let me know.
YAY for a new CT!!! That's awesome... I can't wait to see what you do with her stuff (I love her kits as well)

You know that we have our share of sleep battles over here too so I feel your pain. Have you tried not responding in the middle of the night? Hard, but it definitely works. If you could get her sleeping well at night again, I think some of the nap issues might work themselves out... sleep begets sleep and all of that.
Elizabeth Frick said…
I need some nap magic too. O seems to think she's too old for naps, but I know it's otherwise. What is WITH these girls???
KrisJ said…
K I need that SAME page the SAME way but with Malias pic! Malia has been have night terrors I HATE the wake ups! I hope you get a good one tonight!
Krista said…
Oh I hope your night times get better! I had a rought one last night so I know what you are talking about - just wish A could communicate with me...
Congrats on the new CT! The layout you did is fabulous!

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