What a Night!

Brian had a lock-in at church with the youth group last night so he was up ALL night and came home exhausted. He went to bed about 8:00 and said to wake him up at lunch time. My night, while not quite as bad as his, wasn't fun either! I've had trouble sleeping the last several nights and last night was no exception. I finally went to bed about midnight and thought I was feeling tired, but then Camden woke up and asked if he could sleep with me. I thought, why not! So up he came. But as usual, he tossed and turned, kicked me in the ribs, whispered to me, etc. Finally a little after 2:00, I made him go back to his own bed. He hadn't been to sleep all that time either, but still woke up at 6:00! How does a 4 year old survive on so little sleep. I sure can't! So I think I'll be spending my last day off from work camped out on the couch relaxing and I'm definitely taking a nap!


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