Happy Belated Birthday

Friday was Brian's birthday and I was able to give him the best present we could have hoped for at this point - Rory's legals! They actually came on Thursday, but I held on to them and waited until Friday when I gave him his gift to tell him. This means that as of Friday, our I-600 has been filed and we're officially waiting. This is a big step in the process and could take quite a while, but we're praying it won't be too long.

Friday I stayed very busy working around the house. My friend Amanda came over and we worked on digital scrapping. She is just getting started, but already has completed some really nice pages.

Friday night Brian's parents took us out to eat for his birthday and then they kept Camden for the rest of the night while Brian and I went to a movie and dessert. I had heard really good reviews for Enchanted, but wasn't really all that interested in it, but it fit into our time slot so we chose to see it, and the movie is seriously cute!! Even Brian really liked it (and it is definitely a chick flick).

Saturday we spent running errands and finished up shopping for Camden's Christmas. I think we're almost done with everyone - I need to shop for 3 more people, but that shouldn't be too hard. I have lots of packages to get in the mail, however, so I should definitely try to get that done this week. Camden and I made cookies and then we had a little impromptu family party. We made party mix, ate supper in the living room while we watched The Santa Claus movie (with Tim Allen). It was a very nice quiet family evening.

Okay, I think that's our weekend in a nutshell. I scrapped one page yesterday using pictures from last year. These are the outtakes from this little photo shoot.


Amanda said…
Love the page, as I do them all. I am your biggest fan. Thanks so much for working with me Friday. I had so much fun and hope after Christmas we can do it more often. Glad ya'll had a good weekend. Talk to you later!
M :-) said…
Melissa ~ this is so freaky. We did the EXACT same thing last night. We made a special (fun, not super healthy!) supper, and we let the boys eat in the living room while we watched The Santa Clause with Tim Allen. ;)
Karen said…
Happy Birthday to Brian!! I went to see Enchanted by myself the other day after we had to put our doggie down. I thought it would cheer me up, but wasn't really expecting great cinema. I LOVED it, too! It was so cute!

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