Girls and Football

Well, the party Thursday night went off without a hitch (maybe a few minor ones, but nothing major). The food was really good - seriously, the pumpkin cheesecake was amazing! I even made it home before 10:00, which is pretty early.

Friday was just a normal day - laundry, laundry, and more laundry! I met Brian in his classroom after school and we decorated his room for Christmas and then we went out for supper. Because Camden didn't take a nap on Friday, he went to bed early and Brian and I watched Oceans 13. I've had the movie for 3 weeks, and this was our first chance to watch it.

Saturday was packed full of activities! We had the faculty/staff children's party in the morning, and then we met Becky and William and Xavier at a local mall to play for a while. Micah, Becky, and the boys are in town for the week, but I'm not sure we'll see them too much. We'll be with them next week for Christmas. Camden and William and Xavier were SO sweet together. The two boys pretty much just followed Camden around giggling and copying everything he did (and Camden seemed to be a bit more tolerant of them this time!). I even got kisses from the two boys. Not sure if they remembered me a bit from my visit last month or if I just caught them at a good time.

Camden and I had a little date night Saturday night. Brian had some errands to run and he offered to grocery shop since he would be out anyway, so Camden and I enjoyed a quiet night together. He's been quite difficult the last couple of weeks. I think he's all hyped up about Christmas, and they've been having a ton of special events and parties at school. He's been whiny and disobedient and has been in trouble at school, so it was kind of nice to just relax and see the sweet side of him again.

Last night was our children's Christmas program at church so we spent the morning and afternoon practicing with the kids, and the program went really well. Camden had several speaking parts and one solo. Let me just say that the child has no fear! He seems to thoroughly enjoy being in front of people and just sang and spoke out (very) loudly! I hope this doesn't mean he's going to be the class clown or always need to be the center of attention! Crowds definitely don't seem to bother him at all.

He actually just got up and is sitting in my lap (it's pretty early for him, especially since he was still awake at 10:00 last night wound up from the sugar high). He's been sitting here for several minutes and hasn't said a word until now. He lifted his head up and said, "does girls play football?" No idea where that came from!

I've had a rough couple of days as I think about Rory more and more. Not only have we missed her first Christmas, we'll also be missing her second Christmas. I'm so concerned about our paperwork and how much longer our wait could be. I know that there's nothing I can do about it at this point because we've done everything possible to speed things along, but it's just hard. My heart seems to ache just a little bit more every day.

I'm looking forward to a fairly quiet week at work - it's a 3 day work-week for me, and then I don't return to the office until January 1.

Enjoy your day!


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