Party time

Today's going to be a long day, but probably a fun one. I'm the chair of our social committee and the faculty/staff holiday party is tonight. The committee is made up of 5 of my best friends here at the college, and we always have a great time planning and executing these events. My feet will be sore, and I'll be dog tired, but I will have spent the day with friends and will have laughed alot. Over the last 6 years that I've worked this job, we've planned many events together and this is probably the last one before Rory arrives and I become a stay at home mom, so I'm going to enjoy it.

I didn't feel well at all yesterday so I went home early and spent most of the day in bed, which was very nice. I'm feeling some better today.

Not much else to say today so I better get moving and get started on this party day!


M :-) said…
How did the party go?

I hope you're feeling better.
Karen said…
Feel better! I had to pop over and tell you that I just caught the Mandisa/Matthew West performance on TV... Great song!

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