2 weeks

Christmas is two weeks from today! Are you ready? I am close to ready. I thought I was down to just two more gifts (after a present run on my lunch hour yesterday), but thought of 3 more people we need to buy for after I was home. Actually, all 3 of those presents need to go to Camden's school. While I love that they have so many activities for him, sometimes it seems just a bit over the top! And I think sending 3 gifts to school in addition to teacher gifts is a bit much, especially since he's only in K-4. Oh, well!

Our December is shaping up to the one of the warmest on record. It seems so strange to me that while a large portion of the U.S. is covered in snow and ice, our temperature will be almost 80 today. It's been a very warm couple of days, but by Saturday they're calling for sleet/snow.

Last night at supper, we were all chatting and I asked Camden to tell me what the very best thing that happened to him yesterday. Then Camden asked Brian, then Brian asked me, etc. Next I asked him what was the worse thing that happened to him, and he told me "The worser thing that happened was I got to play with a cool dinosaur that was very, very big." We were a little stumped so Brian asked him if he knew what "worse" meant, and he giggled and said "no." It was pretty funny! The whole reason I had asked him those questions is because he was being difficult and I was trying to distract him - it worked! But maybe I'll leave off the "worser" question next time.

Not much else going on. Brian helped me fold and put away FIVE loads of clothes last night! It had kinda piled up on me! Camden went to bed at 7:00 last night since he didn't take a nap at school, so we had a quiet evening. And that's about it for us! Here are two pages - one I finished last night and one over the weekend.


Amanda said…
Love the pages. I almost bought the shabby winter kit but got the Christmas one instead. I went on a spending spree yesterday. I think I bought 7 kits plus got lots of free stuff with them. I was downloading all day. After seeing your page it makes me wish I would have got the winter kit to. Have a great day!

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