We have had a lovely weekend! It was busy, but good. Usually my Fridays somehow get away from me, but I managed to get quite a bit done this time: 4 loads of laundry, vacuumed, dusting, grocery shopping, and I even cooked dinner as a surprise to Brian. I decided to pick up some of his favorite things and have supper ready for him as a little congrats. He was appropriately excited!

Saturday we decided to take Camden to the town Christmas parade. I think this was his very first one, and he had a blast! He stood up next to the road in his little hat and jacket waving wildly and saying "Merry Christmas" and was pelted with candy all morning. Seriously, I know he's cute, but you should have seen all the second looks he got as people drove by and then they would slow down, turn to grab candy, and toss it to him. One thing about living in a small town that we've always regretted is the lack of ethnic diversity. I guess the upside is that he's a novelty (just kidding here - I don't like that he's a "novelty"). He was definitely a little star out there - to the point that I started to get embarrassed by all the candy being thrown at him compared to the families on either side of us. Then, of course, all the kids from Brian's school were in different floats so we heard little voices yelling, "Mr. Lewis, Mr. Lewis" over and over. It was really cold out, but so fun. After the parade, we spent several hours running errands. It makes me tired just to think about them! We hit Sam's, Wal-mart, Hancock Fabrics, Kohl's, and Lifeway bookstore.

Today has been the usual flurry of activity. I got up early to get lunch started before church. We had children's choir practice this morning. Brian had an activity at school, so he was gone all afternoon, and I'm about to head off to adult choir practice. Seems like Sunday's shouldn't be this busy!

I'm helping my dear friend Kathy out with some layouts to be made into magnets from Something Blue Studios so I was able to scrap more girly pages this weekend. I've posted two below, and I have two more to share later this week. In fact, I scrapped all girl pages this weekend so no new pictures of us to share. I will try to have parade pics uploaded and edited for tomorrow. Until then, enjoy pictures of these two little ones.


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