Happy Monday! I'm starting bright and early this morning and planning to head out the door a little early as I do every Monday (it's my official Starbucks day). This is a busy week for us. The first 2 weeks of December are always 2 of my busiest at work - board meetings, leadership conferences, Christmas parties, etc. One bright spot, though, is that it's my last December at work! I shouldn't be so thrilled about that (and I'm sure that next December I'll actually miss some of this hustle and bustle), but for now I'm looking forward to being at home.

While we were shopping on Saturday, Camden only wanted to hold my hand for some reason (believe me, this doesn't happen often). At one point, he commented, "I just love you the bestest, mommy. I love my daddy alot today, but I love you the bestest." Now despite the fact that I wanted to just enjoy the moment, I did the appropriate thing and told him that he could love me as his best mommy and he could love his daddy as the best daddy. Wasn't that big of me!

Okay, not much more to say so I should get in gear and head out the door. Today starts week 6 since getting Rory's referral (and of waiting for those darn legals). I'm really hoping we'll get them today, and I've even got my hopes up that we'll get an update and new pictures.


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