Yesterday was very interesting. I had lunch at a friend's house, which was fun. After lunch I had several work errands to run so I stopped at the post office first. As usual, the line was backed out the door, and I spent 25 minutes standing there while one cashier worked. Don't you think at Christmas they might add some workers? Then I headed to Michaels for Christmas ribbon (a ton of it) and other accessories. I'm the chair of our faculty/staff Christmas party committee, so I needed lots of Christmas wrapping paper, ribbon, gift tags, etc. I had no idea I'd be spending the afternoon at the store, and it wasn't just because I'm indecisive (although I was a bit indecisive as I usually am in craft stores). It was C.R.A.Z.Y. in there! The line was wrapped around the back of the store. Once I actually made it towards the front of the store in line, someone in front of me fainted so they had to call an ambulance, fire truck, etc. This did not exactly speed up the check-out process. I finally made it out of there in a little less than 2 hours.

Camden was very sweet last night. I can't think of any one specific thing he said or did, but we just had very pleasant family time together. Camden was in bed at 7:45 and Brian quickly followed so I had a quiet evening.

The Halloween that Camden was 2 (so 2005 I guess), he started noticing scare crows (he called them "scarey crows") and was quite terrified of them, and as I would walk out the door for work, the last thing he would say to me was, "watch out for scarey crows." Well, 2 years later, and the last thing he says to me every morning STILL is "watch out for scarey crows." He's not scared of them anymore, but it's become a habit. Yesterday morning, however, he said to me as I walked out, "Watch out for scarey crows, mommy, and if one comes on the road, run right over him and smash him with your car." My violent boy - where does he get this stuff!!

Here's one page I finished up Monday (pictures from last Christmas).


Chris said…
LOL at the Scarey Crows- how funny! I would love to meet Cameden someday. He sounds like such a little character. :D
Anonymous said…
I just laughed out loud and had to tell Drew the Scarey Crow story too!
Also, great news about the forward progress with Rory's paperwork!

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