Of Course

Of course - Camden's new favorite phrase. We've heard this more times than we can count in the last few days. He starts or ends almost every sentence with it. Last week it was "actually." This week it's "of course."

This has been a very quiet day. We took down the tree and all the decorations this morning, which took a good 2 hours. After we vacuumed up all the tree needles that fell, our house smelled like a pine forest! Brian made another run to Clarksville to pick up paint for the nursery (we FINALLY decided on the right shade of yellow), exchange the Wii game he bought yesterday, and run into Walmart for a couple of things we forgot Thursday. He also decided to get the car washed, and the brushes knocked off the driver's side mirror! Thank goodness there was someone there who could vouch for him that it was fine before he entered the washer. I'm hoping it won't be too big of a battle to get them to pay to have it fixed.

Camden and I worked on Thank You cards this afternoon for a bit, but he was NOT in the mood to write his name over and over again so we put them aside for another time. This is something I've always wanted to do with him because I think it's a very good habit to get into, but I think he's a tad young to get the concept. We're going to finish anyway though!

Brian and Camden have spent HOURS in front of the Wii today while I've scrapped, but I think it's about time to put it away for the night. I cooked beef stew and it's ready so we'll eat supper and then slow down for the evening.

This page uses a picture of the entire family that I took last Sunday after church. It was snowing and about 10 degrees outside! Unfortunately, Xavier has his head turned, but with a group this big it was bound to happen!


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