Home again

I don't even know where to start with this blog post - it feels like it's been forever since I've really posted!

After spending almost a week with family, we arrived home last night about 6:30. Camden fell asleep right before we got home, and I could not wake him up for anything so he went to bed early! I loved spending time with family, but there's no place like home! And it feels really good because Brian is off until January 7, and I don't go back to work until January 1 so we have several days to relax and get caught up. I'm having trouble deciding what to start on first - unpacking, email, scrapping, putting away all the Christmas decorations, painting the nursery, etc.

Camden's Uncle Matt gave him a Wii for Christmas so he's been spending lots of time playing. I think his daddy and Uncle Michael and Aunt Liz are just as excited as he is. The DVD player we bought Camden (okay, it was really as much for us as him) was a perfect gift this year since we spent alot of time on the road. Camden LOVED watching movies while in his car seat, and we really enjoyed the quiet. I lucked out with a necklace made by Lisa Leonard and Juicy Couture perfume (Brian is a good Santa!).

We got up fairly early this morning and spent a little time unpacking and let Camden play with new toys, and then we went shopping. It's always fun to spend money (LOL). I was able to stock up on wrapping paper, gift bags, treat bags, candy tins, etc. for next year. We were also looking for a new Christmas tree, but I don't think there's one tree left in Tennessee - and we looked EVERYWHERE. I think next year we need to just buy one before Christmas and not try to wait for the after-Christmas sales. We ended up spending almost all day running errands, grocery shopping. We ate lunch at Logan's using a gift card from one of Brian's students, and then made a quick trip to Coldstone Creamery (my absolute favorite!).

Brian is going hunting with his friend tomorrow morning so Camden and I are going shopping again. I want to hit the mall for a few gift items and maybe a few goodies for Rory.

And speaking of Rory - she is 15 months old today. I am feeling a more hopeful about our progress with immigration. I emailed our Memphis immigration office last week asking about our status and they replied yesterday stating that they did have our application (we applied December 7) and would be processing it within the next two weeks. This is definitely positive news since we know several people who have recently had to wait 12-14 weeks for approval. Once we have our I600 approval, our agency tells us it is only about 3 weeks until travel so if everything goes well, we could be in Korea within the next 5-6 weeks. We are very excited about that, but also feeling a bit unprepared. Because we knew our wait would be fairly long, we had decided to wait until after the Christmas rush to start the real preparations for her arrival. I guess we had better get busy!

I hope to have pictures and layouts to upload soon. My plan is to get as many of my Christmas pictures scrapped this weekend as I possibly can. I want to be up to date on most of my pictures soon since I imagine that my scrapping time will be much more limited when Rory arrives.


Chris said…
glad you had a good Christmas and that things are looking good for Rory to come home soon. :)
OK, I have to go check out that jewelry now! :D
M :-) said…
Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas!

It was just four weeks after we decided to travel - that we actually traveled. We were told that it wouldn't be until January. So...........we were totally unprepared! We left the day after we got our call, and had NOTHING packed beforehand -- plus we needed to get the boys ready to spend the week at my parents house. It was crazy, but we did it! ;)

I already miss Korea! You're going to love it!

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