It has been such a busy week that I can happily say it's Thursday (which is my Friday since I don't work on Friday's!). I am really looking forward to having a weekend off, although it is jam packed as well but packed with fun stuff, not work. We start off the weekend with a party at one of Brian's fellow teacher's house tonight. There are seven 4th grade teachers on his team, and they're having a Christmas party. This will be the first time I've met any of his co-workers, but I'm looking forward to it. He really enjoys working with them and they get along well.

I talked to Becky this week, and she was asking me if we ever had days with Camden when it felt like all we did was get on to him, tell him no, put him in time out, etc., and I told her YES! Her boys are 23 months old if you can imagine double the frustration (and hugs and kisses). I also told her that it eventually gets better and that things seem to cycle - good weeks followed by bad weeks, but that Camden was in a really good stage right now. I obviously spoke too soon since Camden had such a major meltdown last night that we didn't even make it to church! Brian had already headed over to teach his class, and one thing after another happened. At 7:00, Camden was still sitting in time out screaming, "I don't want to calm down" so I ended up just putting him straight to bed. He was out like a light by 7:12 and didn't wake up until just a few minutes ago. Oh, well - maybe that good stage will come back our way soon. Or, maybe he just needed a good night's sleep.


Anonymous said…
I love your Merry Christmas Tree!
We've been gone to Branson this week, so I just caught up on your pages.I enjoy them all.

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