Missing parts!

Well, things never seem to go as planned! Poor Brian is rushing off to our nearest Sam's, which is 30 minutes away, to return our travel DVD player. We finally broke down and bought twin DVD players for the car so that our long trip tomorrow won't seem so long! But they forgot to include the car adapter. After spending 30 minutes on hold with the customer service rep while they checked to make sure they had one in stock, Brian is off and running. I know we'll be thankful tomorrow, but for now it's just irritating. So I should really get off the computer and finish packing! Four a.m. is going to come very early.

Oh, and I just discovered that somehow Camden's wool Gap Christmas sweater made its way into the washer and dryer. Needless to say, he won't be wearing it for Christmas.

We opened presents tonight, and Camden was ecstatic about his Hot Wheels set. We might as well not have even bothered with anything else once he saw that!

Okay, saying goodbye for the second time today! :)


Bretta said…
Have a wonderful trip, Melissa! Merry Christmas and BE BLESSED!

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