Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Two Mores Sleeps, take 2

Change of plans. We're going to head to Missouri to see Micah, Becky, and the boys and to meet my parents and Camden on Friday - so it's still 2 more sleeps until we're reunited with Camden. I am ready!

Work is so busy these days since it's graduation week. The board of trustees also meets this week, and so our office is busy with them as well. I left the house today at 6:20 to get everything ready for the big meeting today, and tomorrow I will work all day and then I've got a reception from the president's office to take care of, so it will probably be at least 11 p.m. before I get home. Long days ahead!

I'm headed out with the Lunch Bunch today - it's always my favorite day of the whole month. Oooh, my co-worker and friend just came in with a cranberry-walnut muffin for me - how sweet is that! Now, about that diet and exercise I was starting this week . . . not going so well!

Since, I have no cute Camden stories to tell, I'll have to show you a recent purchase. I've fallen in love with The Company Store. I found Camden's new bedding there (on clearance at 60% off) and when I decided that our bedroom needed a new look, I headed there first to look. I found this quilt and pillows for 60% off and fell in love with it! We have a pine sleigh bed, so I thought the yellows in the quilt would pick up the wood color nicely. The quilt and pillows arrived yesterday, and I still love it, but the colors are not quite as vibrant as they are here. They're more of a shabby chic feel and the colors are softer, but I'm liking it. I might actually play up the pinks for once. I'm turning into a big fan of pink, and I don't think I've ever had a pink, girly bedroom even as a girl. It's a good thing Brian is pretty ambivalent to the whole decorating thing or he might have issues with the girly bedroom!


Your Husband said...

Ambivalent to the whole decorating thing? Who said I didn't care if I had a girly pink bedroom? I don't remember saying that. Just kidding, I really don't care. I'm secure enough with my manhood to sleep under a pink blanket (Especially when I get the my deer head hanging over the headboard.)

Iara aka baersgarten said...

I do also have a quilt, it is blue lol I love blue, I also have baby blue wall in my bedroom at home.
Little girls are so fun, hope you are blessed with yours soon :)