Tuesday, May 01, 2007

2 More Sleeps

Two more sleeps (in Camden language) until he comes home. I just cannot wait. I think that he is finally ready as well. The last couple of days when we're on the phone, he does not want to get off (which is so unlike him), and last night he was insisting that it was only ONE more sleep until he comes home. When we called to tell him goodnight, he said he wanted to come sleep in his new house.

So Becky, Micah, and the boys were supposed to be coming to Nashville this week, and I was so looking forward to everyone being together, but they've decided that it's just too much. They've got alot going on in their life, and I totally understand, but am so disappointed. Now we're trying to decide if we can make a quick trip up there. This week is a crazy week at work and at home (poor Brian is working his fingers to the bone trying to finish up this semester), and we would have to make the 7 hour drive one day and then drive it back the next. After having Camden gone so long (and he's spent serious time in that car seat the last two weeks), I'm a little hesitant to stick him back in the car right away. I don't know. We're still thinking about it.

Our weather is so crazy here! In March we had record high temps; in April record low temps; in May we're back to record high temps. Seriously crazy!

Here is one more layout I finished up over the weekend.