Monday, May 07, 2007


Alot has happened since last Wednesday! I had a crazy, busy day Thursday getting ready for the big graduate reception Thursday night. Everything went off perfectly, but I'm glad to have it over with for another year. We got home at 11:00 p.m., then got up early Friday morning to head to graduation. Made it back home at 1:30, then left to drive to Missouri. We got in about 10 p.m., and of course headed straight in to wake Camden up. Our reunion was a little anti-climatic, because we could not get him awake for anything (I know - we're bad parents to even try!). The next morning, he woke up and was upset because he had wet the bed, so once again - no dramatic reunion! I do think he was glad to have us around, though.

We had a very nice weekend with my parents, Micah, Becky, and the boys. Those babies are so sweet, and I'm very glad we got to spend some time with them. The most exciting part of the weekend was helping Becky learn to digi-scrap, and she loved it! After over a year, I was finally able to get her to try it! I'm hoping she'll be able to do it while she's having her chemo treatments - I think it will be a great way to pass the time.

Our drive home Sunday was long and boring, and wore us all out! My throat started hurting, and by the time we got home I wasn't feeling well at all. I woke up this morning completely congested. It was so bad that I left work early to go to the doctor. She thinks I have allergies and said that my nasal passages were VERY swollen (I could have told her that!) and thinks that all of my sinus and ear infections this year have been a result of this. So she put me on two allergy prescriptions and is hoping that will help clear it up. She also wrote me an antibiotic so that I could have it on hand in case we didn't catch the allergy soon enough. I am seriously miserable and cannot wait for this medicine to kick in.

Camden's new class doesn't start until May 29, so Brian will have him for 3 weeks at home. It's a good thing the church is right across the road so Brian can get some work done. Camden had a blast playing outside today while Brian got some work done.

Here's a picture of the three boys this weekend.

And here's Becky's very first scrapbook page. I think she did a great job!


Anonymous said...

Melissa, Thanks for posting my layout--I am eagerly waiting to get my own copy of Photoshop so that I can keep working on my own! We did have a great time having the whole family together again!
Love you,