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15 Years

It's been 15 years since I walked down the aisle in a white dress and said "I do" to Brian Paul Lewis. I am 100% certain that no one else could love me or take care of me the way he does. This last year has kind of put a whole new meaning to the phrase "in sickness and in health," but he still makes me laugh as much now as he did back then, and I am an incredibly lucky girl.
I was hoping to scan a picture from our wedding (mostly so you could laugh), but then realized all the pictures are packed away so you'll just have to look at this one taken last night.

Last year we didn't get to celebrate because I had just started chemo and my poor stomach could not handle being away from a bathroom for any length of time. This year, we're all alone with no family present to babysit not to mention in the middle of the end of soccer and baseball season so we're celebrating big with haircuts for both kiddos, a trip to the pharmacy, soccer practice, and a ba…

Wordless Wednesday

I had something else in mind for today, but when these pictures arrived in my inbox first thing this morning, I knew that these would be today's blog post.
Angela Crutcher has taken our pictures 4 times now. The first was our Celebrating Adoption photos, and they are hands down my favorite pictures of the kiddos ever. The second time was a commercial photo shoot with Rory wearing clothes made from sweet fabrics from this designer. The third time was a family shoot Angela gifted us with after my cancer diagnosis. This shoot was actually paid for by us and was exactly one year since last year's family shoot. She is a wonderful photographer and is also well on her way to becoming a fellow adoptive mama.
A few of my favorites:

My favorite of Camden
Although this one is pretty darn spectacular too.
Rory and her kissy face. This is a recreation of one Angela took of her when she was 2.
Did I do a good job picking out this outfit or what!

This one is also a recreation of the first p…

Tuesday's Tidbits

So Dr. Terry advised me to cut out bread, potatoes, and pasta as a way to lose a few pounds. Do donuts count? Because despite never really having been a strong donut fan before, I have developed a very strong taste for Dunkin Donuts. The powdered sugar ones filled with some sort of chocolate cream/icing. I'm sure they're very healthy.
Last week was a very good reality TV week. Not only did Donald Driver win DWTS, but Phillip Phillips won AI. And then Duets started, which stars my favorite AI of all time: Kelly Clarkson.
Had this black bean, corn, and avocado salad for supper last week, and it was so good. It's my goal to have salad for supper 2-3 times a week this summer.
I also made this banana bread recipe which uses applesauce instead of oil and honey instead of sugar. I have to say that while Brian liked it, the texture just did not do it for me. Won't be making that again. Which is probably good since I'm not supposed to have bread. Sigh.
Camden, who is terri…

Sunday Snapshot

First official photos at the new house. We have lots of beautiful trees and wide open spaces for pictures! This is just off the right side of the porch and beside the house.

Used my 50mm 1.4 lens mostly because that's all that's unpacked at this point. ;) Settings were f2.8, 1/250 SS, ISO320.

Operation 2nd grade: Complete

It's always hard to imagine how different the kids are going to look from beginning to end of the school year. Camden always seems to mature and grow SO much! (see how much browner he is in August than May?)
August 8, 2011
When I went out to snap these Tuesday morning, I kept saying, "Aren't you happy? It's the last day of school?" because he clearly wasn't feeling it. And then it dawned on me, OF COURSE, he's not happy - it's the last day of school! This boy loves school.
May 22, 2012

Photo Catch Up #2

Just a peek into the yard sale. I cannot even tell you how much stuff there was. Lots of good stuff and lots of junk. We should never be allowed to live in a house with a full basement underneath. Way too easy to just put it down there and forget about it until it's time to move.
Addison was perfectly happy to lay around in the pack-n-play we had for sale.
Elizabeth, mom and Addison
Poor mom is always caught with the most awkward expressions on her face.
No awkward expressions here, just smiles for Grandpa.

A friend brought this by Saturday, and it was gone in 2 days. Oh. My. Stars.
A red-faced, tired, but very happy Rory after her last day of school.
And approximately 15 minutes later. (it was completely dark in her room, hence the bad picture, but I just couldn't resist taking it anyway)
It's a joke around our house at how Camden does not know how to run. He runs bases with his arms pumping as hard as he can and legs going nowhere. But somehow on Field Day he managed to…

Photo Catch-up #1

I am fairly certain that the hamburger and french fries (despite the fact that they were DELICIOUS and I only ate half) were what prompted my gall bladder attack. This was Tuesday - had what we thought was our last girl's lunch for a while.
We walked to Frothy Monkey (carrying Addison in her car seat!) and saw Dierks Bentley getting coffee. My own iced white mocha hazenut mocha was delicious! It's been on my list of places to visit for years so when I passed it on the way to Burger Up, I knew I wanted to cross it off the list. Yes, that would be Rory's head at the bottom of the picture. She was playing in the weeds.
Addison waking up from a nap on my hospital bed Friday.
All the nurses commented on my purple toes so I thought they needed a spot on the blog.
Seriously, seriously miserable (and bloated from the fluids) after my second surgery on Saturday.
Happy Mother's Day!
We decorated my room with all my Mother's Day gear.

I told you my flowers were pretty!