Way too much rain

We have spent the last 48 hours glued to the TV as it covers the devastation wreaked by nearly 15 inches of rain in a 36 hour period. That is not a typo - 15 inches. Most of Nashville is shut down, several people have died and 1,000's have experienced significant damage to their property. I feel almost guilty to not have any damage or lasting effects of the rain when so many of our friends have lost their houses, cars, etc. You can click here to see slideshows of the flooding. It truly is unbelievable.

Brian and Camden are both out of school today because of the flooding. Their schools are both fine, but lots of people (including some teachers) are still trapped inside their houses because the water and Brian's school says it's possible they'll be out all week. I was unable to have my scheduled mammogram (and I won't even pretend to be sad about that) as well as postponing work this morning, but that's the extent of the flood damage to our family.

While we watched the news, I might have done just a bit of scrapping. :)

Lauren Grier: Forever Moments


Elizabeth Frick said…
Yikes! We dealt with flooding a lot when I was a kid (my town was located on the Missouri River). It's unbelievable the amount of damage all that water can do.
Glad to hear you guys are safe!
joelsgirl said…
GIrl your guys are NEVER gonna get out for summer break! Between the snow and the rain, you'll be lucky if Brian and Camden are out of school by July!
YIKES! We had some serious flooding in these parts last month... scary stuff! Glad you were able to be productive with everyone at home (I'm not so good at that!)
Anonymous said…
Glad things are dry for you--I guess dry is not exactly right, but not flooded where you are. LOVE the scrap page!

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