New Scrap Supplies

If you're not a scrapper, you can just skip to the bottom. If you are a scrapper, then I say "you're welcome" for all the links. :)

My new favorite Dani Mogstad kit:
Flying High

New template by Gina Miller found here

On sale for $1 today: Soho Afternoon papers

Soho Afternoon alpha

And a really fun kit that I picked up over the weekend is Happy Happy Joy Joy (scrapped page coming later this week)

And for you non-scrappers, here's a little tidbit from Camden this morning. "Is it going to be 2011 or 3001 after my birthday?" Apparently, they haven't covered dates in kindergarten.


Elizabeth Frick said…
ha ha, Camden! very cute.
Gaugh!!! Must start scrapping...

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