Game Ball #2

Rory did great at the dentist's yesterday (even though the trip there and back in addition to the 2+ hours in the waiting room translated into a very large chunk of our day). She is quite funny with a mouth full of cotton and laughing gas in her system!

Camden had a game last night and the whole team played alot better than our previous games. I guess a night with no potty incidents at bat is an improvement. :) Camden actually won the game ball for the second time. He's the first player to do that this season and I just love his face in the next pictures - he was so surprised and excited.

Rory decided she should show off something too (my sunglasses)
Rory and I had a fun little errand/project this morning that I cannot tell you about quite yet, but it's very exciting! Unfortunately, she seems to have picked up a little bug and woke up with a cough and sore throat and is generally quite pitiful. I've got her camped out in front of Max and Ruby with a chocolate shake. That would make me feel better!

I've had several emails about my new lens so I'm going to post a sample picture and review later on today. :)


Elizabeth Frick said…
Go, Camden!!! Feel better Rory!
Anonymous said…
So proud of Camden!! Hope Rory will feel better soon.

I can't get enough of your kids!

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