Lens Review

I've had four or five emails asking about my lens so I thought I'd just tell you how much I love it on here instead of via email. :) I've used my 50mm lens almost exclusively for the last 2 years mostly because it's much faster and sharper than the kit lens or my other 18-200 lens. But this one might be my new favorite. It seems fast and it's sharp (see picture below), and I had no idea how much I missed having a bit of a zoom. So in case you're considering a purchase, the Tamron 28-75 F2.8 seems like a really great lens. And considering the Nikon version of this lens is $1700, going with the off-brand was a no-brainer for my budget. :)

Here's one of the first pics I took yesterday with it straight out of the camera.
And a b/w version just cause I wanted to


Joy said…
Love it!!! I'm saving up for this one as my next purchase. : )
Amanda said…
That picture is amazing!!! I am so glad you are liking it. I have heard such wonderful things about that lens.
Elizabeth Frick said…
Oooh... now I have something for my xmas list!
KrisJ said…
ITs in my wish list! I might have to try the tamron though!
Oh man... now you really are making me re-think the 12-18 lens... :-)
Krista said…
Ok - once I finish reading my camera's manual I MAY have an idea of what you are talking about :) But beautiful shot!

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