More Baseball Detail Than You'll Ever Want

I've decided to call the last 5 days "The Week of Baseball" otherwise known as "The Week We Wanted to Pull Our Hair Out".

We had a game Thursday night, which we lost 13-0. It wasn't pretty.

We had a game Friday night and won 16-0. Camden made it home every time at bat and seemed as if he knew what he was doing at short-stop. Of course, the win wasn't because of our great skill but because the other team was full of cute little 5 year olds who had clearly never played before.

We had a game Saturday. We lost 10-6. The other team was C.R.A.Z.Y. and their six coaches spent most of the game arguing with the umpires. They were almost thrown out several times. It's nice that our patient-as-saints coaches stayed calm. Honestly, the whole thing was ridiculous. We later found out that the police were called twice during Saturday's games. Seriously. Once again, so thankful for patient parents and coaches on our team.

Despite the drama, the team actually played well. And best of all, Camden had a triple play. Yes, a triple play! Not only did he catch a pop fly (which NEVER happens in 5/6 baseball), he then ran to 2nd base and tagged the runner out, immediately turned to third base and threw the ball and got the runner out at third.

I was fairly certain he had just snagged the game ball with that play since double plays are fairly unheard of and triple plays never happen.

Yep, the game ball for #15!

And we had a game tonight. It was 54 degrees and raining, but we had a game. We lost 15-7. We had one child pee his pants at bat. We had another one just refuse to bat. Why is our team is the one with kids who run crazily around the baseball field refusing to listen to the coach; whose players tackle each other in outfield instead of paying attention; whose players throw rocks at others in the outfield; whose players grab the ball from someone else in the middle of a play and then play keep-away with it (Camden actually yelled at the boy who did this last night. Ooops).

This is where the frustration sets in. While Camden is not perfect and certainly no sports star, he does a good job, pays attention, tries hard, and is obedient, but he gets lost in the sea of poorly behaved children who could care less. Our coach and the few families with children who actually pay attention are feeling frustrated with the lack of progress. The kids are having a blast, though. Who wouldn't want to play in the dirt several times a week. :)

Evidence that he played in the rain tonight is all over his pants. He actually had to slide to 2nd base to avoid getting out and he was quite proud of himself. They all like to slide, but usually they're just doing it for fun and not because they have to.


Elizabeth Frick said…
Whoa! TRIPLE play?! Awesome work, Camden? And seriously, the police? In a little league game? Sigh... this world sometimes...
Susanne said…
Oh my goodness... you make me simultaneously happy that we aren't of little league age yet and excited that in a few years we would be. I seriously laughed out loud about the kid peeing at bat.
Oh man... maybe I'm not ready for little league yet?!

Camden is absolutely adorable in his uniform though, and I just about melted when I saw his expression for getting the game ball.

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