Random Friday

  • Instead of asking directly asking for things, Rory has started saying things like, "you knoooowwww I love playing on the playground." (usually as we're walking to church) or "you know I looooovvvee ice cream." (as she's just finished breakfast). And then she'll look up at me with puppy dog eyes. It doesn't usually work on this hard-heart mama.
  • Camden has requested we add music class, library day, show and tell as well as P.E. to our daily schedule since he had those at school.
  • Now that Lee has been crowned the next American Idol, Jack Bauer is off in hiding, Sandra is the sole Survivor for the 2nd time, Chuck is on spy hiatus for the summer, and Castle is off to the Hamptons for the summer, we're relying on Netflix to catch up on some TV beginning with Lost Season 1. We stopped watching around season 4/5 when Rory came home from Korea and there was no time for TV. I've also decided I'm going to tackle a Korean drama this summer.
  • I've heard Camden say many times this week that he just can't kill bugs because they're one of God's creatures. Pretty sure he learned that from school since I most definitely haven't taught him that bugs are part of God's creation.
  • In direct contrast, Rory's favorite outdoor activity seems to be chasing and squashing ants with her finger.
  • We have two baseball games, two graduation parties, and one graduation in the next 36 hours. It will be a busy Friday/Saturday followed by a quick visit to Missouri to see lots of family on Sunday/Monday.

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Lauren Reid/Emily Merritt: The Graduate


Elizabeth Frick said…
I love Camden trying to implement pieces of school in your daily routine! I'm guessing that won't last long :)
Krista said…
I agree - Library on a daily basis is a great idea.
Camden is the cutest graduate ever!!

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