A Mini Me

I know I've mentioned before that Rory has such great observation skills (this is a nice way of saying she copies everything/everyone). The girl pays attention to detail, and then she copies it. She even goes so far as recreating a scene so she can play the part. Yesterday I came into the family room and saw her on the couch with a magazine, and it was immediately obvious she was pretending to be "Melissa" (which is her favorite past time).

Why do I feel like I'm going to see this expression alot when she's a teenager?

Oh, a smile!

Brian and Camden are both out of school again today. Rory and I already had a scheduled playdate, and there's a baseball game tonight, but I don't know what the rest of our day will hold. It's nice to have some down time, though!


Elizabeth Frick said…
Oh, that is too funny! I love how they become little versions of us. Most of the time... ;)
Oh, FUN-NEEEE!!! That cracks me up! (A method-actress in the making perhaps?!)

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