Field Day

One very tired boy arrived home from school yesterday, but he had a good day. Sounds like there was alot of pizza, sugar, and inflatables - what more could you want?

Blue lips courtesy of the blue snowcone he had earlier.

And Rory's always willing to have her picture taken if Camden goes first because she's worried she's missing out on something. Of course, I take full advantage of that.
We actually have nothing on the schedule today other than life/laundry/house stuff. We're on our own since Brian has 4th grade graduation at school tonight. Hopefully, the kiddos will enjoy being together on this first official day of summer break. I'm sure the peace treaty won't last long between them.

Weeds and Wildflowers: Sweet & Simple Kit #4


Elizabeth Frick said…
I'm up for sugar and pizza!!! :)
Amanda said…
So cute! Sounds like Camden had a fun day!
KrisJ said…

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