Busy Day Ahead

It is very sad that I was almost happy to go to my annual mammogram yesterday morning because it meant a trip to and from Nashville plus several hours in a waiting room ALONE! I took a book and enjoyed some quiet time. Now if I could just get rid of those hospital gowns and the quirky people in the tiny waiting rooms. Oh, and the actual mammogram could go away too.

Today promises to be very busy. This morning we're headed to the other side of Clarksville for Part Two of that project I can't talk about. Back home for lunch and then we're going to Nashville for a haircut (I did not plan to do these both on the same day, there was a last minute change of plans yesterday). Back to Pleasant View to pick up Camden from school. Hopefully Rory can take a late nap, and then we will be attending Camden's kindergarten graduation tonight. Whew! I'm a little weary just thinking about it all. Rory and I are going to be spending some serious time in the car today.

Lauren Grier/Shawna Clingerman: Happy Happy Joy Joy


Elizabeth Frick said…
hee hee... i like doctors' appts for the same reason. :)
I don't think that is sad at all!
KrisJ said…
Good job lady for getting your girls looked at!! Busy sucks!

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