I've got nothing

I've been trying to come up with something remotely interesting for today, but I've got nothing. So here are a few pictures from yesterday - trying to finish up my photo assignment from my last week of class. My kids are getting seriously tired of me following them around with a camera, although I'm pretty sure that won't stop me.

I'm assuming I'm my own worst critic, but I can find something seriously wrong with both of these pictures. I'm pretty convinced I'm never gonna get the hang of this, and it's driving me a bit insane. Time to step.away.from.the.camera. Maybe I should switch to something relaxing and try to rework my blog design. Serious sarcasm here, people. :)


Elizabeth Frick said…
I like that both kids have such sweet, subdued expressions in these shots. Love them for what they are, lady - lovely photos!
Krista said…
Gorgeous shots!! we are always our worst critics aren't we...
Those photos are GORGEOUS!!!
KrisJ said…
I find the better you get with photograghy the harder you get on yourself.. I will finish a session and think geeze I didnt do so good then hear great things and that Im crazy.. I really think we get to hard on ourselves! Your pics are great!
Anonymous said…
How could there be anything wrong with those pictures!?!

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