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Who knew there was a right and wrong way to make cinnamon toast. And Pioneer Woman is right - her way is seriously delicious!

"My eyes water just a little bit when I think about the baby birds, mommy" from Camden when we pulled into the driveway and saw the bird's nest (minus the dead baby birds).

We spend LOTS of time each day with Rory as she plays make-believe. This week we've added "Anna" who happens to be her imaginary friend that she requests prayer for.

"She is very demandable, isn't she" from Camden after I was trying to discreetly describe to Brian someone we all know. I guess I wasn't quite discreet enough.

Camden is doing so great with his reading (the teacher in Brian is still impressed with him). A couple of weeks ago they started talking about punctuation and how that should affect how they read. It is so funny to hear him read. When he sees an exclamation point or question mark, he figures the sentence out in his head so he can show the appropriate expression and then it's so exaggerated when he reads it. (It's also a distinct torture to sit through pages upon pages of a 6 year old reading book, although I'm very proud of him.)

Brian has been off school all week because of flooding, and he may be off next week. Thank goodness the state has decided they don't have to make up the days missed because of flooding. He was having trouble enjoying the unexpected days off because of worry he might be making them up during the summer.

I know little league baseball is supposed to be fun, blah, blah, blah, and we try really hard to maintain the right balance with Camden about having fun while still learning the game and trying his best, but his little team is in a serious losing streak right now. And it's not alot of fun to spend hours watching them play in the dirt . . . and we have two more games this weekend.

Rory has started asking Camden if she looks cute. And when someone tells her she looks pretty/cute (usually when we're out in public), she says, "I know" instead of the "thank you" we try to drill into her. My mom warned me this would happen. Granted, Rory was 18 months old when she said it, but she warned me.

Camden has started singing in the shower. Not with real songs, made-up songs. And in a very high falsetto voice. Last night while I lotioned him up before bedtime, I had trouble containing a little giggle as he sang. He immediately said, "Don't you just love it when I sing? Because I'm so good and everything?" Clearly, both of my children have no trouble in the self-confidence area.

Sahlin Studio/Jacque Larsen: Water Park


Elizabeth Frick said…
I *love* your kids' confidence! That's awesome. I'm so glad Brian doesn't have to make up missed school days. Ugh, what a mess you all are dealing with.
Oh my gosh... I can't get enough of your kid-isms! Too much!

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